Friday, May 27, 2016

Cyclone Box Setup File With Update

IntroductionCyclone Box is a flash and service tool for the latest BB5, DCT-L, DCT4, DCT4+ cell .
USB bus only powered, current in idle state is only ~55mA!First in world Flexible Pinout configurations via software. You can use for example TX2 pin on any RJ48 output I/O pin to avoid current cable mess on market.First in world built-in 10pin Diagnostic service for msurment phone damages, via: Voltage, Current, Frequency, STI bus.Very fast frequencies, very fast flasher. Rl bus speed up to 10-11 MBit, using two datalines too.UFS/JAF Compatible pinout.Switchable VPP - either External (when power supply is given) or Internally erated signal, boosting flashing/erasing speed much.Advanced selftests system.Supports both FlashBus and USB connections for .Built-in secure SmartCard.No problems with other boxes. We use own drivers, which not making problems for other smartcard / FTDI devices. Just plug&play. And enjoy.Product DetailsDCT4+ Direct unlock without flash ing: No more need to install mcu files to unlock. Direct 1 click unlockExtremely fast flashing with Dual line facility.Switchable VPP - for ultra fast work.Advanced self tests systemBB5 Resets Security without any data loss in phone.1 Click repair bad downgrade of bb5 models without flash or 308 restore Update And Setup File Cyclone Box Installer V1.22 Download

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