Friday, May 27, 2016

How to Update iPhone Firmware Without iTunes or by WiFi

To update iPhone Firmware Version we erally download the latest iOS version by computer and then connect our device to iTunes through computer.Then we install the update via syncing.But for iOS5 or hair we need not do it so far.Now we can update our driver (which run iOS5 or hair) more sily through WiFi.To do this plse follow the instructions bellow................

Connect your device to WiFi network. Warning:You must connect your device to WiFi network because if you don't connect with WiFi network;the file size is so big that you have to wait for along time.Also you will t up your monthly wireless data.Check your battery life.Because,you should have plenty of battery life.The download and installation progress may take a lot of time.So,if you don't have enough battery life (upper then50%) then plug in your device to a power source.After connecting WiFi Tap Setting>eral>Software Update from your device.Your device will check where there is an update.After checking your device will show Install Now (for iOS7 or up) or Download And Install (for iOS5-6) and tap on it.You will be asked whether you want to download over WiFi and you will be remind to connect your device to a power source.After a while terms screen will appr and then tap OK.After that tap Agree.When the download will being you'll see a progress bar across the screen and after completing download a pop up window will appr asking when you want to install the update (Now/Later).To continue tap Install Now. Your device will now being install the update with a black screen including an logo.Another progress bar will also shown the installation progress.After completing the update installation your device will be restart and you will be rdy to use it.

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