Friday, May 27, 2016

China rphone logo Removing Solution 100% Working (6500 Port)

For china rphone logo removing solution of 6500 port just make a jumper from Battery (+) to rphone plug in pin of rphone/Charging connector as like as the picture shown bellow.If there is on any other problem;it will work 100% granted.For N95 port rphone Logo Solution see this post and for V2port rphone solution show this post For V3 port see this post

Note:rphone/Hdphone plug in pin may be different for different mobile.Such as,For Symphony B10i it is pin no.2 from left side of hdphone/charging connector;For octenn T11 it is pin no.5 from right side of rphone/hdphone connector.So to solve this problem you have to check every pin of hdphone connector one by one.Remember that during checking time you have to power on your phone through DC Power Supply instant off Battery.If you power on your phone with battery during this time ,your may be damaged.So be careful about this.

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