Friday, May 27, 2016

MX update

v3.5 revision
2.6, Public-Relse
module updated to version 2.6
added: WP8 support
Refurbish Flashing support by USB
Recovery(Dd) Flashing support by USB

added: Service Utility for WP8
Factory Reset without flashing
Rd/Write Producttion Data(Product ,PSN,HW version, etc ..) )*
Rd/Write WP8 NV items )*
Write CoverColor )*
added: SuperDongle Auth for WP8
SuperDongle Auth is required to write important/secure data
bugfixed: RAPUV2 security repair function
revised internal fire module to enable download firmware package by product

added latest flash update v to setup
minor bugfix
)* Write function require SuperDongle Auth
SL3 Logger updated to version 2.6 Download v3.5
minor bugfix and improvements
FIRE module updated to version 1.5
minor bugfix and improvement

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